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Happy Birthday Cat meme.

Cat Memes to Wish You Happy Birthday

They’re cute, they’re furry, and they bring you your birthday cake. Instead of representing the ferocious feline kingdom, cats are here to wish you Happy Birthday through the funniest memes. Best wishes to you!...

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been secretly abducted by aliens and dropped off on a planet inhabited by only stupid people.

38 Funny Sayings to Make you Smile and Giggle

“Laughter is the best medicine”. This saying has proved itself to be true time and time again. Sometimes life gets tense and sometimes you just need a lighthearted comment to pick you up throughout...

I’m not being lazy I’m just trying to be conservative with my energy.

Original & Famous Funny Quotes

Funny quotes and phrases can be used in all areas of life. From a backyard bar-b-q to the inside of a thoughtful note, these quotes mixed with some good humor can make us laugh,...