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Things wise people say serve as a compass to a better life. This is and always has been the case, no matter what era, land or conditions people live in. What is often remarkable about quotes is that they manage to convey a priceless message of wisdom in a few words that sound familiar, but never trite or cliché. Share these quotes and help your friends and loved ones discover something new.

Sunflower quote to note and share.

Seeds of Love | 100+ Sunflower Quotes

Sunflowers are the joy of summer! Surely you marvel at the beauty of flowers, but in fact, did you know it is this unique one that has the ability to provide energy in the...

Letting go of the past quote to note and share.

150 Quotes About Letting Things Go

It surely sounds like one of the hardest things to do but letting go may be the fastest if not the only way to bounce back. What is holding you back? Is it the...

Plant quote to note and share.

77 Plant Quotes About Those Green Friends

You can’t not marvel mother nature and plants are a big magical beauty of it. Aren’t they simply remarkable with the scent of soil bringing you closer to life? It is the entire process...

Healing Quote to note and share.

Reclaim Your Power | 112 Healing Quotes

Whether it’s from trauma, ailment, or emotional, healing is a must. Spiritual or physical, healing any wound will allow you to reclaim your power and despite the difficulties in the process, it will fit...

Zig Ziglar quote to note and share.

See You at the Top | 150 Zig Ziglar Quotes

An Alabama-born motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar helped many people recognize their inner selves and do their best in that which they desired. His interest in helping others stemmed from his firm Christian faith and...

Love and loyalty quote to note and share.

The Power of Commitment | 155 Loyalty Quotes

In all aspects of life, devotion and faithfulness is valuable as it allows us to take a risk in predicting others’ actions. Others end up being disappointed yet others reconfirm their faith in someone....