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Quotes about a season that symbolized the feeling of being carefree, and the easy living: summertime.

Summer is Here!

30 Summer Quotes on Images

Summer is our favorite season. The days are longer and the nights are sweeter, we meet more often with friends and have more fun!  It is the official season for vacation when we take...

“Let the Summer Begin!” Quotes

We miss the summer when it’s gone. The ocean waves, the golden beaches, the care-free feeling of your skin under the sun… That’s why we can’t help waiting impatiently for the summer to come...

Can't wait no more, love the sea + Summer

Ocean, Summer and Beach Quotes

You can’t help loving the summertime! It’s a time to be carefree & relaxed, forgetting all that bothers you. The sun is above you and the sea is on your mind. So, this is...